Back in July 2005 we built another Directory site which at time we thought would outperform allthebizz we invested a lot of time and money produced what we felt was a winner of a site, with many features that were ahead of the competition – but you know it didn’t take off, allthebizz has been consistent for 14 years, but indexplex as we called it never achieved anything !

Anyway we kept it going and you can find it here:-

Indexplex – Our site that never developed as we hoped

Example Listing the more detailed listing page we thought would work well.

Looking back on it now, we started to market it, but never put the same sort of effort in as we did with Article Alley and other sites such as Discount Domains, which is now sold but for a time was one of the fastest growing UK domain registrars.  Another site that had its day and I was not able to lift it back in the way I expected.


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